A Life Settlement is a simple to understand
longevity-based investment

The Global Insurance Settlements Funds PLC enables you to diversify your investment portfolio into an alternative asset class where the underlying assets are not correlated to events in the stock, bond or property markets. This helps reduce the volatility in your investment, whilst maintaining the potential for a strong return.


Exciting opportunity to provide real diversification with very low correlation to traditional assets.

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Investment Managers with a 5 year track record. Fully audited and compliant.

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We can customise the best investment solutions to suit your circumstances.

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Our unique structure combined with our experience and transparent investment processes provides investor comfort.

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Issuing insurance companies are highly rated and highly diversified.

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Best of Breed - Investor comfort and security is paramount, so we only deal with blue-chip service providers.


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    • Confirmation (in writing) that the investor has such knowledge of and experience in financial and business matters as would enable the investor to properly evaluate the merits and risks of the prospective investment; or
    • Confirmation (in writing) that the investor's business involves, whether for its own account or the account of others, the management, acquisition or disposal of property of the same kind as the property of the scheme;

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Should retail investors wish to access this asset class please refer to www.lifesettlementsfund.com

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